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Cis-gender hecklers and "Generation Wuss"

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"I F*cking Hate @RuPaul" is an article that describes the actions of trans-gender "journalists", or, as the author describes them, hecklers. After reading this article and seeing this image:

which is a tweet by a trans-gender "journalist", I have to say, I can understand where the author is coming from. These online hecklers aptly described as "generation wuss" are easily offended, highly argumentative, and try far too hard to be politically correct all the time and become very offended when others do not. 

Nevertheless, transgender members of society do possess the same right to free speech as all other members of society do, it just so happens that certain groups may be more vocal than others. This article reminded me of a Key and Peele skit that I watched on homophobia in the office:Key and Peele: Office Homophobia

In the skit, a gay man continues to annoy his co-worker while he is attempting to work. When his co-worker asks him to stop, the gay man accuses his co-worker of homophobia. He continues to badger his co-worker about homophobia, but at the end, it turns out that his co-worker has a boyfriend, and he says "I'm not persecuted. I'm just an asshole." It reminded me of the fact that when people decide to take advantage of a history of persecution, they just become assholes.