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Who is Paul McCartney?

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When Kanye West published his new song "Only One" on New Year's Day, apparently some people thought that the accompanying artist(who played the keyboard in the song) was a fresh new talent that would soon experience success for having been in a song with Kanye West. That "fresh new talent" was actually Paul McCartney, the (supposedly) world famous member of the Beatles. The author of this article argues that not knowing of the Beatles is okay. If you were raised in a family that listened to nothing but 17th century classical music, can you be blamed for never having heard of the Beatles? However, while the article was interesting, it was a comment in response to the article that really caught my attention: Steven Acker responded with: 

"Ask these young people if they know what the Civil War was or, for that matter, why America fought in World War II. Ask them to define socialism or communism. Ask them who their congressmen are. Ask them who wrote the Declaration of Independence and why. Ask them to describe the Bill of Rights. MOST OF THEM WON'T HAVE A CLUE. They won't know who Gershwin was, or Picasso, or even Mark Twain, let alone Paul McCartney. As very well-written as this article may be, its writer is missing the Big Picture entirely."

I thought that this comment was a bit unfair. While It is true that some young people may not know about all of these things, most of the aforementioned things are taught as part of a general education curriculum in middle and high school. I can distinctly remember learning about the Civil War, communism, socialism, and the birth of our country in my American History class, among other things. On the flip side of the coin, it is probably true that just as many adults cannot describe these things in the same way that some young people cannot.